Sessions and Rules
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SESSIONS: My sessions are available to men, women, couples and LBGT community members. They can also be arranged to have a male Dom and myself present during the session. They may be tailored to your fantasy or requirements in terms of location and setting. The more you tell me, the easier it is to organise. Keep in mind that time needs to be set aside, especially for first time sessions, to go through safety rules including safewords and boundaries.

Within the broad experience in BDSM activities, I provide a range of experiences as listed below. This is not a complete list, of course, as fantasies and fetishes are very personal and can be very unique. Therefore, it is always best to talk to me about what you are looking for.


Please note the things I do not do are not negotiable, under any circumstances, no matter how creative you think you are. But if you do try, as entertaning as it might be, I will fuck with your head for my personal pleasure.



  • Psychological domination
  • Physical domination and punishment, including spanking, whipping, flogging, caning
  • Fetishes such as hand, foot, shoe, panties, and hair worship.
  • Restraints, bondage with ropes, cuffs, chains.
  • Pain Play - Sadistic or otherwise
  • Sensory depravation with blindfolds, hoods and gags
  • Humiliation
  • Role play
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Sissy play / Feminisation
  • Slave training
  • Online/Long Distance domination
  • Chastity Training - Keyholding



  • Sex
  • Blood play such as needles or blades
  • Gun play
  • Scat play / Watersports
  • I do not switch

CONTACT ME FOR A SESSION:  You will be given a form by email to fill out with questions regarding your experience level in BDSM, what your fetishes and fantasies are and what you expect to experience in a session. Be smart and have some ideas beforehand. The devil is in the detail, and luckily for you, so is your Mistress.

If you do not give me much to work with, I will do as I please, and you might not like that. Trust me.



Given the potential dangers connected to some BDSM activities, I insist on safety. It is very important to me that you feel free to express your fantasies, desires and requests, but it also means that I have the freedom to turn down or refuse any of them if they do not meet my safety and personal standards. I know what my skills are, I do not know yours, so clear and detailed communication is expected and given. Contact me here



Personal safety is a priority, and I can assure you that mine is well looked after. Therefore, you will be asked to provide information to identify yourself. I will not deal with individuals who refuse to provide means for me to verify who they are. This is standard practice, so be respectful and do not question it or try to find ways around it.

Discretion is expected and guaranteed.

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